All routes lead to Gold Zanzibar!

Beach house resort, a hidden treasure in Zanzibar. Dreaming of a sumptuous beach house resort? You found the perfect place at Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa.

Situated in the Northwest coast of Zanzibar, our luxury house resort is set in a secluded corner on the exclusive beach of Kendwa, without a doubt the most beautiful of the islands. This is a non-tidal beach with an exposure towards the northwestern side of the island, therefore the only area not affected by the tides, allowing you to swim at any time of day in calm and inviting waters.

No words can describe the incredible African sunset you will witness at our resort overlooking this beach of white, powdery sand in the tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean. The house beach resort is conveniently located 55 km from the International Airport. Our coordinates are Latitude: 6° 167 south / Longitude: 39° 183 east, which means you can enjoy mild temperatures all year round.