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Sofia Luna Azzola Foundation

Sofia Luna Azzola Foundation

The Sofia Luna Azzola Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by the Azzola family, owner of Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa resort in Kendwa, in the north of the island.

Our love for the beautiful island of Zanzibar and its people has led the founding members to create the Foundation with the aim of providing different opportunities to improve the life of the local communities of the village of Kendwa and support other realities of discomfort on the island.

The head of the Foundation is Francesca Micheli who, with passion and dedication, interacts relations with the local community, planning the necessary interventions and making efforts to raise funds. Every single dollar donated is destined entirely to the projects, all the other costs (office, transfers, bureaucracy …) are to be paid by the members of the Foundation. Francesca organizes visits to the village, the hospital and the school of Kendwa to introduce Guests to the African reality outside the resort’s luxury.

The first project we decided to develop, according to the request of the local community and the village head, concerns the school: we believe that education plays a key role in building a better future for the next generations. Our efforts have therefore concentrated on the arrangement of a new room inserted within the village school, the structure is now completed and is used by pupils and teachers according to school needs. Currently we continue to support the school but also the neediest families in the village with special attention to people with disabilities, often marginalized.

In addition to the support of the community of Kendwa, the village adjacent to our resort, we have collaborated with the orphanage and Montessori school of Bububu, supporting the structure with donations. For the 45 children of the orphanage we also organized a dance and percussion course. A medical check-up of all children is also underway to highlight any pathologies and to intervene with the necessary medical treatment.

All this is possible thanks to the support and generosity of our Guests, partners or simple supporters, without forgetting the help of the Azzola family, the work of Francesca and the collaboration of the whole staff of Gold!

For more information and for any donations, please contact us using this form.

To stay up to date on the latest activities of the Foundation you can follow us on our Facebook page.