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We would like to inform you, in accordance with art 13 regulation UE 679/2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (Code), information and data you provide filling up the form or e-mail in our website will be processed in accordance with the above-mentioned agreement and with Azemar S.p.a privacy policy, represented by lawyer pro tempore, operative headquarter in Via A. Buschi 3, Milan (Italy).

With processing personal data, we mean any procedure carry out even without the help of technological tools, regarding collection, comparison, use, interconnection, block, sharing, cancellation and allocation of data, even if they are not recorded in a bank data.

In accordance with art. 13 of the Code, we give you the following information.


  1. has the following purpose: managing requests received through “contacts” link, provide the related answers to users, send newsletter (if user agreed)
  2. will be done in the following ways: with the help of technological tools.
  3. Data will be shared only with Azemar S.p.a employees in order to manage your requests. Your data will not be spread. In accordance with art. 13, clause 1, letter e), we inform you about person or category of person your data could be share with: administrative office, management responsible, IT specialist who manage our website, consultant and freelancer, private or linked with Azemar, Cloud service manager.

We inform you data provision is discretionary, but missed data provision would make difficult for us to answer your requests.

Furthermore, consent of the processing of personal data with the aim of realizing study, research marketing survey, send advertisement, commercial information and sensitive data such as allergy is fully discretionary and not mandatory.

Owner of the processing is Azemar S.p.a, represented by represented by lawyer pro tempore operative headquarter in Via A. Buschi 3, Milan (Italy). Data will be stored in owner headquarter for the period of time determined by regulation. We inform you data will be collected, processed and safeguarded in accordance with regulation EU 679/2016.

Referring to the use of technologies in order to access to information stored in user’s device, we inform you this kind of use will be done only for legal purpose related with data technical memorization within the time needed to answer your questions or transmission of the communication. We remind you even in case this tracker system is used on web, user can always disable the function modifying his browser setup, he can also go against this treatment communicating with the owner.

You can refer to the owner, without formal obligate (via E-mail at, to impose your rights (in accordance with art 15 and ss. of the Code), we list for your convenience:

. you have the right to ask to the owner the access to your personal data and to amend or delate it, or to limit or go against to the processing of it.

.  if you agreed on one or more aims, you have the right to revoke it in any time.

. you have the right to propose a claim to the following supervision authority: warrantor for personal data protection

Finally, we inform you duration of data processing is expected for a period of time not longer than the time we need for finalize the request or till your delate request, where it will not interfere with law.